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Bedding Items

Sleeping every night for 6 - 8 hours is greatly important. That means that one third of our lives is spent in bed! Buying a suitable mattress for your ultimate rest is not any more a difficulty. Select a mattress which has full anatomical support and thus promotes your good health!

The mattresses provided by Global Hotel Supply provide correct back support with a variety of premium-comfort material combinations. Every mattress is made of fire retardant materials of only the highest quality like garnetted cotton, high-performance foams and the finest natural and synthetic fibers, meticulously and exhaustively tested to meet the standards and requirements of the hotel industry.

Our mattresses consist of three different layers, as shown in the leftmost picture:
1.) Comfort system for unsurpassed sleep comfort
2.) Support system for supporting the sleeper's whole body
3.) Foundation system which extends the life of the mattress