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Teakwood Garden Furniture

Teak is the common name for Tectona Grandis of the family Vervenaceae, a native of Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. Indonesian teakwood is plantation-grown and was first introduced by the Dutch in 1816 to this country.

Teak has the greatest capability of any wood to resist the rigors of the outdoor environment, making it a durable and beautiful choice for the garden, patio or poolside. It is a dense wood with natural oils and rubber content which confer a natural ability to withstand the effects of sun, rain, snow or frost without rotting, cracking or warping. Left outdoors in its natural state, teak furniture will age naturally, acquiring an exquisite silver grey hew in a year or so, requiring virtually no maintenance. Teak can also be dressed with oil to preserve its dark glow although this is not necessary.

At our own factory in central Java, Indonesia, each design is meticulously planned and lovingly created by the finest craftsmen under European management to suit every needs and requirements of our customers. We are using only Grade Super A plantation teak for our furniture products.

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